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All About Clean Beauty Confidence

Hey There New Friends!

My name is Beth Skaret. I am a Jesus follower, a pastor's wife, mom of 3 fantastic kids (and 3 cats), a teacher, and the owner / blogger at Clean Beauty Confidence. 

I love reading, learning new things, laughing, hanging out with my family & helping others to grow in faith and confidence  to use their gifts for God's kingdom.

Clean Beauty Confidence is a place where Christian women can learn to build their self confidence as daughter's of The King to serve and lead in their communities. 

In this blog you will find teaching and resources to help you gain confidence in self worth, self image, mindset, and building skills to help you confidently fulfill the tasks that God has set before you. 


I grew up on Long Island, the oldest daughter of a midwestern minister and a southern mom. I was a shy and self conscious kid in a place full of loud and in your face personalities. Don't get me wrong, I love NY and I love the friends I made there. But it was not an ideal situation for someone like me. I had to learn how to adapt and overcome my self doubt, my fear, my shyness. I DID NOT WANT TO DO IT EITHER. I was pretty content to just stay in the background and let others take the lead while I followed or watched from the sidelines. 

The thing is, I was never content being on the side. I felt silently (and sometimes not so silently) judged - overlooked - left out - unaccepted - unwanted. Let me tell you, it hurt. I spent years listening to the inner voices telling me I wasn't good enough - wasn't pretty enough - wasn't smart  enough- wasn't talented enough ....just NOT ENOUGH for anyone to notice. I knew I had talents. I knew I could do things, I had just allowed myself to be convinced that what I had been given wasn't as good as what anyone else had to offer. So, I stayed in the background. I didn't speak up, didn't serve, didn't lead, didn't try to make a difference. 

It wasn't until I was much older that I finally started to listen to what God was telling me in scripture - I am a child of God. I am His daughter - the daughter of  The King. He made me with EXACTLY the talents and gifts He wanted me to use. He valued me enough to die for me, so who am I (or anyone else) to say I'm not good enough? 

I started to try new things - singing solos at school and in church, sharing my faith, becoming who God wanted me to be. It's still an ongoing process. Life has taken turns and paths that were not on my map, but at every turn and in every experience, there was something that God used to teach me, to mold me, to make me what I need to be to do the tasks He set before me. 

Today, many years later, I am a so much more confident. I teach and speak in front of large groups, I lead worship at my church, I am LIVE online, I have even done some pretty big roles in community theater in front of a full house (You never would have convinced my younger self to even audition)! I no longer sit in the background waiting for someone to notice. I step out and serve. I step up and lead. 

Now, you might be thinking, "Yeah, that's great for you, but I can't be like that. That's not me."  

Well, first of all, if  you really believed that you couldn't change, you would not be here on my website reading this, would you? You came here because you know you have something inside you that needs to be shared. You know that you have value to offer others for God's glory. It's not impossible. Nothing is impossible with God. Let's work together - You, me & Jesus, to get you where you need to be. Are you ready? Let's do this! 

START HERE: Grab a copy of my FREE CHECK LIST 10 Easy Steps to Build Confidence.   

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